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Important things to know about Golf in Buenos Aires

Why do you need a golf tour operator in Buenos Aires, unlike the other golf destinations in the world?
Is almost impossible contact or get to the club by your own, they are not ready for answering to your needs.

Contacting the clubs directly is almost impossible
In most of the top ten golf destinations worldwide, the industry partners (golf courses, car rental, infrastructure, etc) are focused on delivering a good service to the international golfer, ready and prepared to receive your e-mail or phone call asking for tee-times. They have websites, booking lines, and capable personnel waiting for your call. They speak fluent English and manage a tee-time schedule with one year in advance. You can even take a taxi cub to get to the golf courses... Those clubs are run as companies.

Nothing of this works in Argentina
The best golf courses in Buenos Aires are private clubs or private country clubs, run and ruled by and for their members. Most of them don’t even have website or a booking telephone answer by anybody who speaks English.

Getting by your own to the golf courses is even more difficult and risky.
All these courses are exclusive places protected by security guards or located inside gated comunities, where no-member people without having previous booking is not allow to enter. Without a tee-time you can’t get in. All of them are located in the outskirts of the Capital City (called “Gran Buenos Aires”) and you need to drive from 30 minutes to 45 mins, get off the highway, and then take internal roads to get there.

Why is not convenient to take a self-drive rental car?
Even considering you rent a car with GPS, the device may suggest you the most direct way, which normally is not the correct one. Buenos Aires, like many other cosmopolitan cities, has very secure places and many other unsecure. If you miss the correct way, you may appear in risky places where is not recommendable to get loss.

In which days of the week are non-members allowed to play?
The TOP 15 golf courses of Buenos Aires are closed on Mondays, and for the rest of the days each club has its own policy

Half of them don’t allow no-members on weekends, some of them are only open on specific days, and the cost of the green fee varies according to the day of the week. There is an efficient way to book the different clubs according the different days, and the prices they charge in each specific day of the week.

Why only a few courses in Buenos Aires offer golf carts (buggies)? Are caddies available in the rest of the clubs?

There are 6 courses nowadays, all of them excellent, that can be played with  buggie: Buenos Aires GC, Nordelta GC, Pilar GC (with GPS), PIlará GC, Cañuelas GC and San Eliseo GC. In the rest of the courses you need to play walking, with trolley/pull cart or taking a caddy.

Most of the TOP 15 courses in Buenos Aires were established between 1890 and 1935. They are mainly flat parkland courses and were not originally designed including cart path. This developed the habit of playing golf walking, therefore in most of these courses people can play with a trolley or take caddy (what we suggest if you don’t know the course).

How many courses are in Argentina? And in Buenos Aires?

280 in Argentina, of which 160 are inside the Buenos Aires Province.

Argentina has 280, 18 holes golf courses approved by the AAG (Argentina Golf Association), 160 of them are located inside the Buenos Aires Province (the biggest state in the country), and 90 in less than 100kms from Buenos Aires Capital City.

Is easy to rent clubs?
None of the courses of Buenos Aires, offer a variety of modern top branded golf clubs. That’s the main reason why our company carries its own stock of clubs.

Which is the average price of a green fee in the TOP 15 courses of Buenos Aires?

60/150 USD on weekdays and 80/200 USD on weekends.

Most of the TOP 15 golf courses in Buenos Aires have green fee prices in USD for foreigners. They start at around 60 to 130 USD on weekday and 80 to 200 USD on weekends. For example the Olivos Golf Club (ranked among the TOP 100 International Golf Courses according to the Golf Digest Magazine) costs 100 USD from Tuesday to Friday, and the Jockey Club (also ranked among TOP 100, and the most expensive in Argentina) charges 200 USD the green fee only from Tuesday to Thursday.

Are the green fees for the day or for 18 holes only?
Although we may ask for permission if the guest require playing extra holes, technically the green fee is only for 18 holes, not for the day; and you should pay an extra green fee if you want to play two rounds in the same days.

Do the golf courses of Buenos Aires offer rain check?
NO, once you teed off, if you decide to suspend the round no matter why, you loose the green fee. The clubs don’t offer refund, and not even if it is for heavy rain or electric storm.